Wind Industry Report: Investing In Tech

Published in September 2014, we investigate and analyse the trends in wind power technology that will shape the industry over the next five years, and what this means for the financial sector.

Ten years ago we didn’t have smartphones; we didn’t have Facebook, Twitter or YouTube; and laptops were taking over from PCs. Back then, total installed wind capacity was one-sixth the size it is now.

Between 2004 and 2013, capacity grew from 47.6GW to 318GW, and this is thanks to technology. Investment in innovation has helped the industry to develop more efficient turbines, and opened new markets. This has helped onshore wind reach parity with other energy sources in some regions. That is huge progress.

But no sector can stand still. In this report we will look at some of the key technology trends that are set to shape the industry over the next decade, and what these mean for the financial community.

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